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Canoe trips since 1997

We invite everyone to experience the magnificent and diverse Estonian nature.

 Canoeing is an active way of relaxing suitable for all ages. We welcome families with children, as well as groups of friends or co-workers. We arrange canoe trips for groups of all sizes – come with a friend or take along a dozen. We will try our best to meet your needs.

Accommodation, hot sauna and other services provided by our partners are also available.

Our canoe trips require no prior experience. You don’t even need to be able to swim as life jackets are provided to all customers. Before your journey starts, our experienced instructors share all their knowledge.

Soomaa canoe trips

We start to register into Soomaa trips for spring 2025.

Send an email or call and we will add you to the list! 

Canoeing on River Ahja with a pancake picnic or Short Evening Canoe Trip

River Ahja is well-known for it picturesque and primeval nature. Sandstone outcrops border the river, you can see beavers, otters and the favourite of nature photographers — kingfisher. Some parts of the river have a stronger current, while others are calmer.
The hike begins from Koorvere or Kiidjärve and summer hikes include a pancake picnic. All hikers will be given thorough instructions before the hike and guides will keep an eye on you during the canoeing trip.

Short evening canoe trips on the Ahja River on business days! This breathtaking journey lets you experience the legends of the past through an evening canoe on the river Ahja. As your canoe passes the great sandstone cliffs at Taevaskoja (Hall of the Heavens), the river might keep flowing, but time seems to stand still during the long, lush Nordic twilight. This expedition offers flexible availability based on your schedule, that allows you to discover untouched, pure Estonian nature with a friend, or your entire family. The trips are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours long.

Canoeing around the Kooraste lakes – a hike for true nature-lovers!

Hikes around the Kooraste lakes take in 11 different bodies of water – Lakes Vidrike, Voki, Lambahanna, Nahajärv, Sinikejärv, Lubjaahju, Liinujärv, Pikkjärv, Vaaba, Hatsike and Suurjärv – connected by the narrow, winding Sillaotsa River.
Every lake and section of the river is unique, making the journey diverse and interesting at every turn. A primeval valley, beaver dams and wild nature are just some of the things you will see and experience on this trip.
During spring there is plenty of water along the entire course, but at drier times of year there are some sections where you may have to carry your canoe with you! The water in the lakes is normally warm in summer, making them perfect for swimming.

Canoeing on the upper reaches of the Võhandu River

The upper reaches of the Võhandu River, otherwise known as the Pühajõgi River, are ideal for canoeing if the water is a little higher than the summer average. The natural environment in the area is diverse and interesting, sometimes offering expansive views, other times hemmed in on both sides by trees and forests. There are parts of the river that are rockier and more like rapids, reminiscent of the Ahja River. Here and there you might come across beavers and kingfishers.
The trip can be extended by starting from the village of Vidrike and crossing the 11 lakes that make up the Kooraste chain. If you choose this option you can make your hike a two-day one, camping overnight on the shore of Lake Suurjärv.

Canoeing over mill dams on Võhandu River

An early spring canoe trip on the Võhandu River in Võhandu River Nature Park requires previous canoeing experience – the river flows fast and the whitewater and old mill dams demand the attention of canoers. The river is surrounded by sandstone outcrops which are called the Walls of the Võhandu. In the summer, the waters calm down a little and there might be a shortage of water on some stretches of the river. You can also plan a two or three-day trip on the Võhandu and start out in Võru and finish in Võõpsu, thus completing the entire Võhandu Marathon which is 100 km long.
We organize canoe trips on the Võhandu for a minimum of 4 people.

High water adventures on Peetri River

Come and explore the Peetri River landscape protection area – in a canoe!
This trip begins close to the Latvian border and lasts as long as you want it to. For the first few kilometres the river flows along a limestone bed and is bordered in places by impressive bluffs. The current can be quite strong here and there, but if you handle your canoe properly you shouldn’t end up in the water! In the second half of the journey the limestone bluffs are replaced by those made of sandstone and the current calms down somewhat. We may come across trees and other plants that have fallen into the river and which need to be navigated around.
Your trip can then be continued on Mustjõe River, which in turns flows into the Koiva River. High water is common in spring and autumn and during periods of heavy rain.

Canoeing in Soomaa National Park during the Fifth Season

Soomaa National park and high water trips await you! The most memorable way of enjoying the Fifth Season – the period of spring flooding in the national park – is canoeing through its waters along roads, through forests, past farmhouses and over fields. Instructors from Ahja Matkad OÜ go canoeing and hiking in Soomaa in all sorts of conditions, both in summer and the Fifth Season. An instructor always accompanies visitors during the period of flooding so as to guide you and ensure that your trip is both interesting and safe.